A Patriotic Blind Eye

Friends, unfortunately some Americans seem past the line of no return on their blind faith of the current American president. They feel that if they accept any flaw on their leader, the opposition would use it to bring him down completely and they don’t want to take that chance. Hence, they sink their heels and accept the big picture of what they believe Trump is doing to America . . .  because they love America and in their minds see what it’d be like if things were their way. To be fair, the same thing happened with President Obama.

Point of thought in the context of history in regards to Donald Trump:

Adolf Hitler welcomed in rural German areas

Germans are humans just as Americans are. And as humans we have the exact same tendencies and potential for thought and action. In their time, many DID notice the signs when Hitler was becoming a dictator and they were OK with it because they saw it as German patriotism. They actually defended Hitler! They saw a huge German flag waiving behind their leader and they loved him for it. They thought that Hitler was so German and that he loved Germany so much—and if he was so German and loved Germany so much than he, in their mind, had to be good and gave him the benefit of the doubt extending the line on the sand until they totally lost sight of where it was until it was too late to do anything about it. They had given Hitler too much power at that point.

Candidate Hitler giving a speech in Berlin in 1932.

Hitler supporters kept saying, “don’t worry, if you are a German citizen you have nothing to fear.” Hitler convinced Germans that it was pro-German to attack the immigrants, the non-Christians, the non-white, among other groups like the LGBT community, and so on. Those who fit the stereotypical German look and didn’t regularly mingle with those who didn’t, found it much easier to believe what their leader said about those who were different. If you wanted to be pro-German, this all made sense to them because he was very German and loved Germany so much. They assumed goodness in him and allowed their leader to attack those who didn’t look German like them. They thought that Hitler’s attacks were just a personality trait, and not a path to destruction. How could they? Think about it: for Germans, the capacity of evil of someone they thought of as so German and who loved Germany so much was unimaginable. They were a civilized country and very German—it was impossible in their eyes at that point.

Now, Americans are JUST AS HUMAN AS GERMANS. Trump supporters see a huge American flag waiving behind their leader. Though they see signs of dictatorship, they don’t care. They love American patriotism and feel patriotic as Trump pushes away what they see as non-American (i.e. Muslims, Mexicans, non-Christians, China, etc). Those who fit the stereotypical American look and don’t regularly mingle with those who don’t, find it much easier to believe what their leader says about them. They see Trump as so American and believe he loves America so much that they assume he is good inside and wouldn’t actually do something evil. They witness Trump attacking those who are not American, those who don’t look American, those who are not Christian, and those who are not white… but they think it’s OK. Like Germans did with Hitler, they watch the mayhem take place around them but give him the benefit of the doubt extending the line on the sand losing complete track of it. They think that Trump’s attacks are just a personality trait and not a path to destruction. They think that the capacity for evil of someone so American and that loves America so much is unimaginable. We are a civilized country and very American—it seems impossible in their eyes at this point.

Trump attacks immigrants, non-Christians, the media, those within his party that have a different opinion, fires those within his administration who have a different opinion, lies on a regular basis even when he is caught on video, scandal after scandal arises . . . yet Trump supporters act as Germans did years ago . . .  as humans sometimes do . . .  and ignore the signs and go back to the thought that keeps them in a daze: “I love America, I love America, I love America.” They repeat that mantra and choose not to accept the clear path Trump is taking toward destruction.

But we can’t take the time to wait on Trump supporters to wake up from that daze if they don’t want to. Look at Trump’s eyes—any picture. He’s already there in mind and it’s a matter of time before it’s complete action. Trump is not a good man. I love my fellow Americans who support the current president. Many of them are really good
people. They are very sweet. Many of them actually despise the fact that I’m gay and that I’m atheist and smile in my presence but in private pray for my soul and denounce my “sinful ways.” They like that Trump is making America Christian again. They see the current chaos as the means to an end. If Trump is doing God’s work, then God will be in control and they give Trump free reign because he (mis)quotes their scripture.

I don’t know what shape or form Trump’s destruction will take, but we have seen this movie before. I am very proud of Republicans who stand up against Trump. I am very proud of Christians who stand against Trump. I love them and they are my sisters and brothers. I don’t fear Trump, but I fear what he does and what he can do. As an immigrant, non-white, non-Christian, non-straight human being, I feel very intimately the terror Trump supporters enable with their blind faith in the lives of our community.

We will fight. We will continue to stand up against Trump’s hate and personal greed disguised as patriotism. I just hope it’s not too late to stop his momentum and help his supporters see it too before it’s too late to control his unhinged power. Let’s continue to be cautious of that patriotic blind eye. Loving America doesn’t mean we allow a bully to manipulate us by hugging an American flag with one hand and squeezing minorities with the other. Trump is not Hitler . . . yet. But it doesn’t mean we wait till the bombs are dropping on us before we stand up for those we love and call a maniac out for what he says and does. That is American too!

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