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 Speaking topics:

  • Identity in Humanity: Journey through faith, and the process of detaching one's
    self from a life of religion and finding meaning in human values.
  • Identity in Sexuality: Journey of self-acceptance, battling dogma and cultural bias
    which demonized an internal growing gay identity, and healing from gay bashing
    by the religious community.
  • Identity in Culture: Journey of an immigrant, challenging who we are through the
    lens of cultural allegiance to the motherland, and acceptance of a new identity as an American.
  • Identity in Survival: Journey of endurance through hardship, poverty, and tragedy,
    experiencing depression, near-death experiences, and the process of healing
    back to life.
  • Identity in Purpose: Journey of life-seeking purpose through overcoming and
    finding beauty in the human experience, motivating us to dream and achieve that
    which once was perceived as impossible.

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